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Dermatologist Tested. (Literally!)

Dermatologist Tested

VIDA Puts All Our Skincare Brands to the Test What do the words “dermatologist tested” actually mean? Do skincare brands send dermatologists random stuff to review for free? Is there a man in a white coat testing samples in a

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Acne: It’s Not Just for Kids Anymore

adult acne

Many of us who suffered from acne as teenagers believed that we would outgrow our acne as we reached adulthood. Others were lucky enough to have escaped acne as adolescents, only to find that they are now developing acne for

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What’s New In Lasers For Skin Problems?

Driven by major recent advances in laser technology, new lasers for skin problems ranging from wrinkles to red spots and from scars to stretch marks are being developed at an unprecedented pace. For example, a whole new generation of lasers

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