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Body Contouring

It’s called stubborn fat for a reason: no matter how much you exercise and eat healthy food, it’s virtually impossible to lose those annoying muffin tops, love handles, saddlebags, and belly pooches. We offer four unique treatments to target those stubborn areas safely, effectively, and with little to no downtime- Micro Liposuction, ThermiTight, Kybella, and Coolsculpting. Click here for more information on these cutting-edge procedures.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks, like scars, look the way they do because of collagen and elastin changes after injury to the skin- in this case, the injury is like a fissure below the surface. The discoloration and indentation with stretch marks often make them more noticeable than other types of scars. We offer multiple procedures that improve the quality of your skin and minimize the appearance of stretch marks and/or scars. These procedures include SilkPeel Dermalinfusion, microneedling with PRP, and Fraxel. Find more information on eliminating stretch marks and scars by clicking here.

Sagging Skin

Tighten up sagging, loose skin with ThermiTight! Dr. Karlsberg can target sagging, drooping, loose skin almost anywhere with ThermiTight- face, neck, upper arms, abdomen/belly, thighs, and even some breasts. Read more about ThermiTight here, and call us for a consultation.

Underarm Hair / Sweat

Ditch your deodorant for good and be the next patient whose life has improved with miraDry… No more sweat, no more odor, no more underarm hair! Click here to read more.

Feminine Aging / Stress Incontinence

ThermiVa is the most effective, safest, and most complete procedure for feminine rejuvenation available. ThermiVa has been documented to help with post-menopausal dryness, stress urinary incontinence, and orgasmic dysfunction. Learn more about feminine rejuvenation with ThermiVa here.

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