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Feminine Aging / Stress Incontinence

Pregnancy, childbirth, and the normal aging process can cause drastic changes in the vaginal area, affecting feminine wellness and robbing women of a sense of well-being. These changes can lead to urinary “stress” incontinence, decreased sexual desire or pleasure, pain (from lack of lubrication or stretched labia), and decreased confidence due to aesthetic changes.

Urinary stress incontinence usually happens when physical activity puts pressure (or stress) on your bladder, and you unintentionally release urine. If you’ve ever “leaked” when you’ve sneezed, coughed, run, or laughed, you have experienced urinary stress incontinence. These are very common activities, and often happen in public, which makes this “leaking” a very embarrassing situation. Aging and childbirth are the main causes for stress incontinence.

Post-menopausal changes in the vagina are also very common concerns for women. Lower estrogen levels cause a condition known as vulvovaginal atrophy (or atrophic vaginitis), where the tissue in the vulva and vagina lose collagen and elastin, which means the tissue is thinner, drier, and less flexible. In such delicate tissue, it is clear to see why these attributes would be painful.

Now, the skin care experts at Ventura Institute of Dermatologic Arts can utilize gently applied heat with ThermiVa to rejuvenate the collagen and elastin in the vaginal area. ThermiVa has been documented to help with vaginal dryness, stress urinary incontinence, and orgasmic dysfunction in females. Using the delivery of precisely-controlled heat, vaginal and labial skin is tightened, skin quality is improved, and vascularity is increased.

Results are achieved in just three sessions (4-6 weeks apart), each about 30 minutes.

There is absolutely no downtime with ThermiVa. Patients resume regular activity, including intercourse, immediately after treatment.

Any woman who has experienced vaginal or labial changes due to aging, pregnancy, childbirth, weight gain/loss, or hormonal shifts can benefit from ThermiVa. Whether for aesthetic or medical reasons, the choice to seek feminine rejuvenation is personal.

ThermiVa is the safest, most effective and complete procedure for feminine rejuvenation available. ThermiVa is non-invasive, performed in-office. No burns, blisters, infections, organ or nerve damage have been reported. ThermiVa uses a single-use hand piece, ensuring no risk of transmission of infectious disease.

Schedule a confidential, complimentary consultation with Michele Ayans, PA-C, to help determine if ThermiVa is right for you. Michele performs the ThermiVa treatments at V.I.D.A. Beloved by patients for her gentle manner and skill, Michele has over ten years of experience with all types of skin, including delicate vaginal skin. She also has 2 years’ experience in OBGyn, furthering her expertise and ability in the art of feminine rejuvenation.

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