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Sagging Skin

About sagging skin

Skin laxity is a common problem, whether caused by the natural aging process, or significant weight loss. Common areas where skin laxity is most bothersome are the eyes, jowls, neck, chest, abdomen, and upper arms.

Many people who are concerned about skin laxity aren’t comfortable with the risks involved with surgery. Some are concerned with the unnatural look they might have after such procedures, or they don’t have enough laxity to justify a surgical procedure. Let’s face it- a face lift, for example, does nothing to tighten the skin or improve its quality. So, many people wish to try minimally-invasive treatments before undergoing surgery.

There are plenty of minimally-invasive and non-invasive treatments available that can help reduce skin laxity. Most of these involve heating up the skin, which results in skin tightening and stimulates collagen growth. Applying heat is the best means of tightening.

Until recently, these procedures heated the tissue from the outside in, but the targeted layers of the skin for tightening react at slightly higher temperatures than the skin’s surface reacts. As a result, most of these treatments come with some degree of pain, and the results are less dramatic and shorter-lived.

However, the Thermi system uses this same time-tested application of heat (Radio Frequency) in a revolutionary way that is proving to be more effective, safer, and longer-lasting.

The ThermiTight application, for example, uses a tiny cannula (or probe) to gently heat the targeted layer of skin, while a heat-sensing camera monitors the skin’s surface temperature to ensure accuracy, safety, and comfort. It is a highly scientific procedure that utilizes the physicians expertise to constantly monitor heat output and the skin’s reaction.

In one treatment session, the ThermiTight procedure tightens sagging skin so precisely, without pain, and with such little downtime that it’s quickly changing the face of RF and other heat-delivering treaments.

Our office also offers other applications of the Thermi system, including ThermiVa and ThermiSmooth. These also use the science of heat to achieve a precisely-controlled temperature and induce tightening safely and effectively.

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