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Underarm Sweat

Tired of leaving a white, chalky mess on your dark clothing, or yellow stains on your white clothing?

Sick of sweat rings during workouts?

Over having to put on deodorant daily- or WORSE- forgetting deodorant and paying the price halfway through your day?

Do you have to use clinical strength antiperspirant to feel safe from unwanted sweat or odor?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, ask for MiraDry, an FDA-approved non-invasive procedure that eliminates underarm sweat, odor, and even hair.

Our bodies produce sweat from millions of sweat glands in our skin to regulate our body temperature. Different factors- like weight, gender, and genetics- play a role in how much sweat those glands produce. Some people produce more than average, which is a condition called hyperhidrosis. Producing an abundance of sweat is different than having body odor, though.

“Odor-producing” glands aren’t really that at all. Called apocrine glands, they are found in the same layer of the skin as sweat glands, but mainly in the underarm and groin areas. Apocrine glands release bacteria that breaks down sweat, and that process causes the odor associated with sweat. Excess hair in the area may intensify the smell of body odor, as it keeps sweat and bacteria locked in.

Most people worried about sweat and odor apply regular doses of chemicals and fragrances (daily antiperspirant/deodorant use), which limit sweat production or mask odors. However, did you know that regular strength antiperspirant temporarily reduces sweat by only 20%? Clinical strength antiperspirant temporarily reduces sweat by a mere 30%.

MiraDry PERMANENTLY reduces sweat by up to 82% in as little as one treatment. Clinical study results have proven these are permanent results for underarm sweat, odor, and hair.

The MiraDry treatment uses heat beneath the skin’s surface to destroy sweat, odor glands, and hair follicles in the treatment area. The type of heat energy the system uses can be used on any skin or hair type effectively, unlike most lasers. So, the ideal patient for miraDry is anyone who experiences underarm sweat or odor, and would like to permanently eliminate the need for deodorant or antiperspirant.

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