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Clear + Brilliant Permea®

What is Clear + Brilliant Permea?

Clear + Brilliant Permea is® a new treatment offering in the C+B family that is uniquely designed to produce visibly illuminated skin and enhance your skin’s permeability, which could significantly increase the benefits of your skincare products. This treatment integrates the elements of your skincare regimen to create long-lasting, comprehensive results.

Is Permea better than the original Clear + Brilliant®?

Each of the C+B treatment offerings serves a unique purpose. The C+B Permea treatment offers more visible improvement in tone and radiance, while the original C+B treatment is optimized to target deeper areas to improve your skin’s texture.

17x Permeability and Visibly Illuminated Skin

In a clinical study, C+B Permea was found to enhance skin permeability by 17x. During your Permea treatment, your provider may follow the laser with topical antioxidants, skin lighteners, or growth factor serums when the skin is at its most permeable, so that the topical ingredients can be absorbed into the skin easier.

In less than 20 minutes, Permea can help give you brighter, more uniform skin tone. Ask Michele or Dr. Karlsberg if Permea is right for you!

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