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About Dysport®

With age comes many changes to your skin, and after years of using certain facial muscles, frown lines, forehead creases and crow’s feet can begin to make a regular appearance. Most patients who come into Ventura Institute of Dermatologic Arts desire to reduce these wrinkles, but in a minimally invasive manner. Patients also request cosmetic enhancement that won’t make them look as though they have had work done. Dr. Karlsberg may propose a few solutions to satisfy your aesthetic goals, one of which is Dysport®, a botulinum toxin used to treat expression lines and provide natural results. As a controlled cosmetic injection, Dysport® will allow you to express yourself freely without worrying about whether your face looks wrinkled in the process.

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Why Choose Dysport®?

As your facial muscles continue to constrict, they will create wrinkles that begin to etch themselves into the skin. Wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and mouth can make you appear tired, distracted or even angry, which can take a toll on your self-image. Additionally, facial wrinkles are commonly associated with aging, and the more creases present on your face, the older you tend to look.

With a single Dysport® injection, your facial muscles will relax temporarily and become unable to constrict to the point where they create wrinkles. BOTOX® and XEOMIN® injections work similarly and are comprised of the same botulinum toxin, however with continued use, your body can begin to build antibodies against a single form of an injection. The introduction of a new formulation, like Dysport®, can replenish the results you are looking for. Many patients who receive BOTOX® or XEOMIN® injections notice that their results have a shorter lifespan after years of use, but find that Dysport® can help them regain the same cosmetic enhancement that BOTOX® or XEOMIN® initially provided.

How It Works

Like BOTOX® and XEOMIN®, Dysport® acts as a neuromodulator, meaning that it blocks nerve impulses in the muscles that have been injected. When impulses to move are restricted, the muscles are unable to contract as they normally would and are therefore limited in their ability to produce wrinkles. The injections are temporary, lasting up to eight months, but you can expect a subtle reduction in the moderate to severe wrinkles that are making you look older.

In order to maintain the youthful qualities that Dysport® provides, we recommend receiving follow-up injections as it begins to wear off. Dysport® has been proven safe with repeated use and is able to maintain results that are comparable to your very first injection. It is also effective on all skin types and colors.

Your Dysport® Procedure

Treatment with Dysport® is as easy as scheduling a consultation with expert injectors Dr. Karlsberg or Michele, his Physician Assistant, where they can both help you pinpoint areas of cosmetic concern and determine the appropriate amount of units for your skin. You will need to undergo multiple treatment sessions over a period of several months in order to produce stable results, but each procedure takes no longer than 20 minutes to complete. Side effects are minimal, but include slight redness and swelling around the injection site. Any side effects from Dysport® will wear off following your treatment and you can return to your normal daily routine immediately afterwards. Within two to three days, you should notice a reduction in wrinkles, however you won’t see full results until two or three weeks after your injection, which is when your skin will look and feel smoother, tighter and lifted. As you continue injectable treatment with Dysport®, your muscles will become more accustomed to relaxation and you should require fewer injections over time.

At VIDA, our goal is to locate any underlying problem and determine the best possible solution for your needs. The reason why we recommend Dysport®, along with our other injectable treatments, is because it is completely customizable to your desires as a patient — an attribute that we adhere to at VIDA. Skin tone and texture vary from patient to patient, which is why we create injection regimens based on the specific movements your facial muscles create. Dysport® is a great option for those who want younger-looking features, but in a way that they can control. The amount of enhancement you receive with Dysport® is up to your discretion along with Dr. Karlsberg’s recommendation. And if you decide you no longer want to receive injectable treatment or desire a more dramatic cosmetic enhancement, you can simply allow the effects of Dysport® to wear off. We won’t try to fit you into any standard treatment plan, rather we will adjust our treatment modalities and technologies to suit your best interest.

To learn more about injectable treatment with Dysport®, contact Ventura Institute of Dermatological Arts and schedule a consultation. We can discuss your cosmetic goals and design a treatment plan that is unique to you. Call today.

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