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Eclipse PRP®

There are many factors that contribute to aging skin. Environmental elements, lifestyle habits and hereditary factors can all be cited as allowing the natural aging process to progress. Many of these changes to our skin are unwanted and can make us look older than we really are. Some patients resort to surgery to correct cosmetic imperfections while others seek nonsurgical treatment with neurotoxins and fillers. While each of these methods are effective, they focus less on treating the source of aging — the skin’s inability to naturally hydrate and replenishment itself with nutrients.

Platelet-rich plasma, otherwise known as PRP, is a treatment that has been used for years by athletes and orthopedic surgeons, but has recently entered into the cosmetic field. It is a system that uses the body’s own supply of platelets and fibrin to repair damaged tissue and help the skin nourish itself its own. The effects lead to a reduction in wrinkles, scarring and sagging as well as the promotion of firm, tight and smooth skin. At Ventura Institute of Dermatologic Arts, we utilize Eclipse PRP® as a highly-effective way to rejuvenate the skin both as a singular treatment and in combination with other cosmetic procedures.

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The Science Behind PRP

As you may have already guessed, PRP is derived from the platelets in your blood. Platelets are known mostly for their clotting abilities, but also possess a number of growth factors that are capable of healing the skin. When used in high concentrations, the platelets can decrease the time it takes for the skin to heal and make it healthier in the process. It allows the skin to replenish damaged tissues with new, and therefore more appealing, skin that allows you to look younger.

The platelets that are used during your PRP procedure are taken from your blood, which is drawn before your treatment begins. The blood is then placed into a centrifuge system that separates the platelets from other cells. These platelets are then reinjected back into the specific areas that require treatment. Because PRP treatment only uses your blood, there is absolutely no risk of an adverse reaction or debilitating side effects. It is truly one of the most natural ways to improve the aesthetic of your skin.

PRP is particularly effective when used to treat:

  • Volume loss in the face
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Poor skin texture
  • Minor acne scarring
  • Sagging skin under the eyes
  • Stretch marks
  • Hair loss

In addition to repairing damaged vessels and tissues, you will also find that PRP treatment activates collagen production in the skin, which works to regenerate new skin cells and heal imperfections. The formula works to rebuild tissues over time so that your skin remains healthy, firm and smooth. It can also be used in combination with dermal fillers, neurotoxins like BOTOX®, Dysport®, and XEOMIN®, as well as micro-needling treatment with the Eclipse MicroPen® to achieve optimal results.

Eclipse PRP® Treatment at VIDA

Using the Eclipse system is one of the most effective ways to receive PRP treatment. Eclipse PRP® focuses on efficiency and also ensures that you receive the highest concentration of platelets during your procedure. The system uses a high-tech gel design for consistent preparation, meaning that you will receive the same results during every one of your procedures. Additionally, Eclipse PRP® requires smaller amounts of blood, making it so that less blood needs to be extracted from you. We enjoy working with the Eclipse PRP® system because of its ability to be customized to your specific needs. The technology is able to yield different volumes and concentrations of platelets so that you only receive what your skin requires.

Your PRP Procedure

Anyone who wishes to correct the aging qualities of their skin is a good candidate for PRP treatment, however Dr. Karlsberg or his Physician’s Assistant, Michele, will perform a skin evaluation that allows them to see which parts of your face and body need treatment. Afterwards, they will design a treatment plan that outlines the specific concentration and volume of the platelets needed as well as the number of treatment sessions that will be required. Your treatment will be completely customized to suit your aesthetic goals, timeframe and budget.

Typically, patients will undergo two or three treatment sessions over a period of a few weeks, where a minimum of eight essential growth factors and proteins are injected into the skin each time. Because the results are subtle, you may not notice much change until three to five weeks, and you can expect full results to appear by week four through seven. Each treatment session takes no longer than 20 minutes to complete and can last as long as 18 months, and as you continue to receive PRP treatment, your skin will become more durable and produce better results.

To learn more about PRP treatment with the Eclipse PRP® or to find out whether the treatment is right for you, contact Ventura Institute of Dermatologic Arts and schedule a consultation.

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