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Restylane® Lyft

About Restylane Lyft

Our faces undergo many changes throughout the process of aging, much of which can have a negative impact on our self-esteem. As we age, more and more of the subcutaneous fat in our faces begins to deteriorate, leaving us with sunken features and an overall loss of volume. Our skin looks wrinkled and our bone structure appears hallow, resulting in a tired and worn countenance that makes us look older than we really are. Some patients who come into Ventura Institute of Dermatologic Arts seek out a way to replenish the volume in their faces and lift these sagging features without the use of invasive surgery, and Dr. Karlsberg recommends Restylane® Lyft as the ideal compromise. If you are looking for a quick, long-lasting and effective solution for aging features, dermal filler treatment with Restylane® may be right for you.

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The Power and Benefits of Restylane® Lyft

Facial wrinkles and volume loss can occur for a variety of reasons, but they all seem to be attributed to natural aging taking effect on the skin. Sun damage, certain lifestyle habits, heredity, stress and more can all lead to your skin looking weathered, and many patients believe that facelift surgery is the only way to combat these changes to the skin when they in fact have no desire to go under the knife. Nonsurgical approaches with injectable treatment can provide the cosmetic improvement you’re looking for in a minimally invasive manner. It’s perfect for patients who are looking for softer improvements in a matter of a few treatment sessions.

Restylane® Lyft is a nonsurgical injectable treatment mainly comprised of hyaluronic acid gel, which is used specifically to increase moisturization in the skin and enhance volume in the face. Hyaluronic acid is a carbohydrate already present in our bodies, and it performs many of the same functions as its cosmetic counterpart, but in more substantial doses, the acid can decrease the appearance of lines and help the skin look more firm. The hyaluronic acid in Restylane® Lyft is the only FDA-approved substance to be used for lifting the cheeks and correcting nasolabial folds, known as smile lines.

  • FDA-approved for volume loss in the face
  • Produces subtle results that don’t look as if you’ve had work done
  • Reduces the appearance of lines that make you look older
  • Provides results that last up to 12 months
  • Dually effective when treating facial wrinkles and sunken features

Because Restylane® Lyft is a dermal filler, it is injected into the sunken area of skin or the specific wrinkles on the face, all the way down to the dermis (the deepest layer of skin). The hyaluronic acid works to replace moisture in these deeper layers, which in turn creates tighter and more supple skin. Because hyaluronic acid is already present within your body, it works with your body’s own biological processes to improve volume loss in the face. And because of its natural qualities, hyaluronic acid only creates the most natural enhancements.

Is Restylane® Lyft Right for You?

Upon your initial consultation at VIDA, you will fill out a form detailing the cosmetic enhancements you would like to receive. This is our way of narrowing down the best treatment option for you. Dr. Karlsberg or his Physician’s Assistant, Michele, will also perform a skin assessment that works to locate any underlying conditions that could impact your treatment. Ultimately, your consultation is our way of learning more about the parts of your skin that are bothering you and discussing the most beneficial procedure for your cosmetic goals.

Restylane® injections are administered via a cannula into the deep layers of the skin. The number of injections you receive during your treatment session will depend on the areas of your face being treated. Like all dermal filler injections, Restylane® Lyft is temporary and will have to be re-administered in order to maintain optimal results, however Restylane® Lyft is one of longest lasting dermal fillers, retaining moisture in the face for up to 12 months. Additionally, the impermanence of Restylane® gives patients the opportunity to remain in control of their treatment and only receive the enhancement that they desire at the time. Both Dr. Karlsberg and Michele are expert injectors who will administer the filler in a way that produces the most aesthetically pleasing results and that is customized for your unique case.

The most common side effects are slight bruising and redness at the injection site as well as some tenderness and itching. In less than a week, many patients see a complete reduction in any side effects that they initially experienced. In no time at all, you will begin to notice improvements to the texture of your skin as well as look and feel years younger with Restylane® Lyft. If you would like more information about what Restylane® products can do for your skin, contact Venture Institute of Dermatologic Arts and schedule a consultation.

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