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ThermiSmooth® Face

About ThermiSmooth® Face

As one of the most visible regions on our bodies, our faces can quickly become a presentation of our age if we don’t do anything to prevent it. Lines around the forehead and eyes as well as folds near the mouth can seriously accelerate the aging process and make a divot in our self-image. When we begin to notice fine lines and wrinkles on our faces, it’s important that we do something about it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean surgery! You can achieve smoother skin with a quick and effective treatment using ThermiSmooth® Face — a minimally invasive epidermal heating procedure that reduces fine lines and wrinkles offered here at Ventura Institute of Dermatologic Arts. Using radio frequency heating, you can achieve younger-looking skin in the most gentle way possible.

The Fountain of Youth Isn’t Fantasy, It’s Collagen!

When the effects of aging begin to plague our skin, it’s not because of some uncontrollable element. Rather, it is because we start to lose much of the collagen that we once had flowing through our skin to keep it smooth and protect it from external factors. Collagen has numerous responsibilities within our bodies, one of which is replacing old and damaged skin cells with newer and vibrant ones. As levels of collagen are reduced, so too is the natural process that replenishes the skin, leaving us with wrinkles and folds that only serve to make us appear older.

Combating the natural aging process is not a lost cause. In fact, it’s easier than ever with ThermiSmooth® Face. The procedure administers radio frequency heating onto the epidermis (or topmost layer of skin) using a specially-crafted thermistor-regulated handpiece. The energy travels deep into the dermis (the bottommost layer) and stimulates collagen production. This activation of collagen gradually begins to rejuvenate the surface layer of skin and eliminate many of the imperfections that accelerate aging. The collagen that is produced is then able to induce elastin and hyaluronic acid, a protein and carbohydrate that help the skin retain moisture and improve in elasticity. The result is smoother skin that, with the increase in collagen, continues to improve over time.

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ThermiSmooth® Face is used to treat lines around the

  • Eyes
  • Cheeks
  • Mouth
  • Neck
  • Forehead

Radio frequency energy is appealing to many patients because it is gentler than laser treatment, which means no harsh side effects or periods of downtime. Its non-abrasive mechanism also means that ThermiSmooth® can easily be combined with other treatments to produce your most desired aesthetic. The temperature of the thermal energy is heavily controlled and only provides what is necessary to treat the condition you are facing, which is why it is so effective when treating delicate skin such as areas around the eyes.

At VIDA, we appreciate the ability of the ThermiSmooth® system to adjust to the specific needs of each patient, making it a truly customizable treatment option. The Thermal Image Guidance monitor ensures that the temperature applied to your skin remains constant and comfortable while also providing you with the perfect amount of energy for your skin type.

ThermiSmooth®, VIDA and You

Anyone who is experiencing the effects of aging is a suitable candidates for ThermiSmooth® Face. Dr. Karlsberg and his Physician’s Assistant, Michele, will perform a skin evaluation that looks at your wrinkles and determines whether treatment would be effective with the ThermiSmooth® system. We typically recommend up to six 30-minute treatment sessions over the period of a few weeks in order to achieve optimal results — the exact number of treatments required for you will depend on the area being treated and the severity of the facial imperfection. Because collagen production (otherwise known as collagenesis) is a slower process, it may take three to six months to notice results. However, once the effects of ThermiSmooth® Face become apparent, they will typically last one year or longer. Touch-up appointments can be scheduled every 9-12 months in order to maintain your results.

To begin your treatment, Dr. Karlsberg or Michele will apply a gel solution onto the area being treated, which will allow the thermistor-regulated handpiece to glide smoothly over the skin. Generally, the application of heat to the epidermis is not painful, and many patients report that it feels like a warm massage on their skin. No anesthesia is required beforehand and there will be no pain once your procedure is completed. You may experience slight swelling and redness post-treatment, but these side effects diminish soon afterwards.

If your goal is to look and feel younger without undergoing invasive procedures, then give ThermiSmooth® Face a try. You will receive beautiful results that look completely natural, and you will still look like you, only with smoother, tighter skin. To learn more about ThermiSmooth® Face or to find out whether treatment is right for you, contact Ventura Institute of Dermatologic Arts and schedule a consultation.

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