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About ThermiVa®

Women have the most dynamic physical body structure, with the ability to stretch and internally metamorphose into the perfect host for a living human being. Childbirth is an amazing thing! With the beauty and elegance that comes with pregnancy and childbirth, there are also some side effects that can change feminine confidence long after. In addition to pregnancy, menopause adjusts our body chemistry as we age by releasing tons of different types of hormones, causing a rollercoaster of emotions and physical changes. The female body goes through an internal battle from the variety of life experiences women face.

A woman’s vaginal youth and feminine wellness are defined by these changes and whether or not she’s given birth multiple times, has gone through menopause, or naturally has a weak bladder (stress incontinence) due to heightened levels of exercise. Vaginal youthfulness from the inner vaginal area to the outer labia can suffer as we succumb to these changes. We now offer a solution to all of these serious side effects accompanying vaginal aging—ThermiVa®.

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What is ThermiVa®?

ThermiVa® is the best nonsurgical cosmetic treatment on the market today to assist in vaginal tightening as a solution to sagging, laxity and vaginal discomfort. It uses precisely-controlled heat to treat the labia, vaginal opening, and inner vaginal canal to improve moisture, tighten skin, and increase bloodflow to the area. This procedure is very different from other products claiming “vaginal rejuvenation.” These other products are ablative or fractional lasers that can only be used on the outside of the vagina to improve appearance.

How is ThermiVa® performed?

ThermiVa® delivers radiofrequency heat to the labia and inner vaginal area through a small finger-sized wand that is directly inserted into the vagina and applied to the labia externally. This radiofrequency heat works to target lax collagen fibers and reinvigorate lost production of those fibers. Nervous tissue in the area is targeted as well which helps with bladder incontinence that can come from aging and childbirth.

Any heat sensation you feel during this treatment is comfortable and controlled by the physician that’s applying the treatment. Average temperature applied to the vaginal area is anywhere from 40-42 degrees Celsius; this temperature is optimal for skin rejuvenation of vaginal tissues to begin tightening up.

Feminine Wellness is Important

We understand that this may be a difficult topic for women to address, but these issues leading to the need for feminine rejuvenation need to be addressed. A recent study shows that over 40% of women experience stress incontinence, vaginal sagging, vaginal dryness and lack of orgasm due to vaginal laxity. Out of this percentage of women in the world experiencing this change in overall feminine wellness, only about 25% talk to their physician.

Instead of thinking about feminine discomfort as a fixable issue, many women succumb to embarrassment and try to hide their symptoms from menopause and childbirth. It’s known that many women endure uncomfortable sexual experiences without the ability to experience orgasm because of burning, dryness and sagging skin. In addition, there are many other confidence issues that develop alongside this issue.

Many of these women aren’t aware that there is a ground breaking solution available to them, and we make sure to educate every one of our female patients on the possibilities of ThermiVa®. There’s no reason to ignore your overall well-being when there is a fast and effective way to solve these issues with no downtime.


After one treatment alone, we can see the difference that ThermiVa® has made on the outer labia and inner walls of the vagina. We see results lasting anywhere from nine months to a year. Not only will you see the changes and feel them, but ThermiVa’s effects shine through everything you do.

This treatment has made women all over the world more confident to take on their daily lives because they’ve essentially regained lost youth in just a few treatments. Our patients at Karlsberg Dermatology are finding out that menopause and pregnancy are no longer the end of sexual pleasure and comfort.

Benefits of ThermiVa®:

  • Targets collagen production in the vaginal canal and labia
  • Tightens sagging skin
  • Alleviates dryness
  • Quick treatment
  • Painless
  • Comfortable treatment
  • Results in just three sessions
  • Calms stress incontinence
  • Feminine rejuvenation
  • Boosts confidence

Say goodbye to crossing your legs when you sneeze or laugh!

At Ventura Institute of Dermatologic Arts, we understand that this issue is sensitive and every patient has different needs. Each ThermiVa® treatment is customized to your specific needs, which is why your consultation with Michele Ayans, PA-C or Dr. Karlsberg is so important. Our provider will discuss all of your needs in detail to get a better picture of your desired results.

Dermatologists are the most qualified to treat all of the skin on your body, including delicate vaginal skin. In addition to her years in the field of dermatology, Michele Ayans also spent years in OB-Gyn prior to joining our practice. Her patients often remark of how much confidence they have in her abilities, and we are confident you will feel the same with ThermiVa®.

We understand that not every woman is looking to increase sexual pleasure, but may simply want to feel young again. Rejuvenation is accomplished from the inside out with ThermiVa®. Never worry about crossing your legs when you sneeze or laugh again, this procedure will take care of that.

Call to schedule your complimentary consultation with Michele Ayans today and find out what you’ve been missing out on with ThermiVa®.

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