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The Versapulse® Laser is a laser used to treat a variety of conditions, including birthmarks, brown spots, facial veins, port wine stains, rosacea, spider veins, and vascular lesions. The Versapulse® Laser is gentle, resulting in only minimal discomfort and recovery time for the patient. The Versapulse® Aesthetic laser produces short, adjustable pulses of green light to treat fine veins. The adjustable pulses minimize the risk of purplish bruising that can be a side effect of many other lasers. The special VersaSpot Chilled Tip™ cools the skin during treatment, enhancing patient comfort. The entire treatment involves no incisions and you are able to resume your normal schedule right away.

Spider Vein Treatment

Together, spider veins and varicose veins affect approximately 80 million people in the United States each year. Spider veins are most commonly located on the face and legs. In contrast, varicose veins tend to be localized on the backside of the calf or along the inside of the leg. Although physicians do not fully understand the cause of spider and varicose veins, they do attribute factors such as genetics, weight gain, and hormonal fluctuations associated with pregnancy, birth control pills, and hormone replacement therapy, as well as sitting or standing for extended periods of time.

In addition to being unsightly, some types of spider and varicose veins can be associated with varying degrees of pain and discomfort, and in some instances, more serious medical conditions. As the most common treatment option available, sclerotherapy is a safe, effective, nearly painless procedure used to treat spider veins and varicose veins on the body.

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