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About Scars

Scarring is your skin’s way of repairing itself with new collagen when there’s been a break in the natural barrier. Unfortunately, that repaired skin doesn’t always look and feel the same as the surrounding skin. For example, hypertrophic or keloid scars are caused by the body producing too much collagen when it’s healing. These scars look like bumps or mounds on the skin. Atrophic scars (“icepick” or “boxcar”) are depressions in the skin caused by tissue loss. These types of scars are the two main types of acne scars.

Whether caused by acne, injury, or other health conditions, the body’s attempt at repair often leaves a person with lasting damage to his or her self-image and appearance, so it’s understandable why many people choose to treat scars in order to improve their self-esteem, their appearance, and ultimately the health of their skin. If you’re one of these people, you may be wondering, “How do I know which treatment is right for me?”

Technological advances have brought many devices to the market. It’s important to decide which is best with the help of a board certified dermatologist. As most of the treatments involve controlled “re-injury” of the skin in order to regenerate softer collagen, you should carefully choose a provider with experience in the various methods of treatment and a thorough understanding of scars and the skin. You will want to ask why a treatment is considered right for you. You should also ask about “down-time,” numbers of treatments necessary, and cost.

Dr. Karlsberg asks questions, too, before recommending a procedure. In addition to his in-exam questions, he meticulously studies any device before adding it as a treatment option in his practice. He carefully considers: Is the clinical research sound? Is the procedure safe and effective? Will patients get the desired outcome with little to no down time? Is it cost-effective? If he is satisfied with the answers, he offers the procedure to his patients.

One of our most popular laser treatments, Fraxel, produces thousands of tiny, deep columns in your skin. This “fractional” treatment allows the skin to heal much faster than if the entire area were treated all at once. Several treatments are necessary, but with each treatment your skin will become gradually softer, tighter and fresher. Scars will diminish. Fine lines, uneven coloring, and brown spots will begin to noticeably fade. The beauty of Fraxel is that you can do a treatment during your lunch hour.

SilkPeel Dermalinfusion is another cost-effective way to improve appearance of scars and treat active acne breakouts with no downtime. Our office also offers ablative laser treatments, micro needling, and Bellafill for scars. See the complete list below.

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