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Developing fine lines and wrinkles can be the first, and most alarming, sign of aging for many people. The causes are as numerous as the wrinkle treatments available to address them. Wrinkles are responsive to a number of different treatment strategies, and no single treatment is best for everyone, so our providers will first identify the causes of an individual’s wrinkles before discussing treatments.

Wrinkles between the eyebrows and across the forehead and temples, are due to the repetitive action of strong underlying muscles of facial expression and are called dynamic furrows. These lines tend to reassert themselves relatively soon after most corrective measures in people who tend to over use these muscles in facial expression. For these people, a substance known as Botox provides a safe, effective and minimally invasive method of reducing such lines. Fillers, like Juvederm or Restylane, are used to fill deep creases or wrinkles, or lift areas to relieve the sagging causing the wrinkles. Fillers can be a sort of substitute for the volume that once was there, and some fillers can actually promote new collagen growth where injected.

Other effective treatments for facial wrinkles, such as microneedling or ThermiSmooth, improve the quality of the skin by promoting collagen growth. When new collagen is produced, the skin has a stronger foundation and wrinkles are naturally filled in and aging of the skin has a new baseline. Erbium, one of the best deep wrinkle treatments, is a more aggressive approach that can remove years of damage and resurface the skin for more dramatic results.

Dr. Karlsberg and Michele Ayans are expert in considering individual patientsā€˜ skin types, history, and concerns into account at the consultation. They will tailor a combination of treatments that will provide the safest, most effective, and predictable outcome for the individual.

See our list below of treatment options to improve forehead wrinkles, lip wrinkles, eye wrinkles, and deep wrinkles. Ask us which is best for you!

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