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About Wrinkles

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As our hands age, skin on the top of them loses volume and elasticity, revealing veins and tendons, which makes hands look older. Loss of volume and elasticity can also make skin look loose and wrinkled.

SilkPeel Dermalinfusion hydrates skin to improve the look of wrinkled hands.

Microneedling (Eclipse Micropen Elite) creates channels in the skin for increased permeability of hydrating and growth-factor rich products. When used in combination with Eclipse PRP, the product getting deep into your skin’s layers is your own Platelet-Rich Plasma, which contains growth factors and proteins that trigger new cellular growth.

Fraxel and Thermismooth treatments both work to stimulate collagen building in the skin so that your body regenerates its collagen foundation over the following weeks and months, for a lasting improvement.

The dermal filler RADIESSE and/or Sculptra can stimulate your natural collagen production to help improve the structure of your skin.


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