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Neck Bands

About Neck Bands

Botox is officially FDA approved for use between the brows, the forehead, as well as for crow’s feet or lines around the eyes. While specified for those areas, Botox Cosmetic has many more uses for medical purposes and anti-aging. It works well to smooth wrinkles and can often be used preventatively to keep wrinkles from initially forming. One popular use is Botox for the treatment of neck bands (also known as platysma bands) that tend to become noticeable over time as these neck muscle weaken. 

Platysma bands are vertical skin folds that develop in the front of the neck. These bands typically develop with age and are made up of both fat and superficial muscles. Botox can be injected right into the platysma bands to soften and weaken those muscles so they no longer protrude. When started early enough, Botox can even help to prevent this type of banding from getting worse. Botox and similar injectable treatments are outpatient procedures done in the office. The treatment itself doesn’t take long, is relatively painless and you are able to resume normal daily activities immediately after treatment.

Dr. Karlsberg and Michele Ayana, PA-C, both believe that when it comes to aging, there is no “one size fits all” so they individualize treatment plans that incorporate multiple levels of healing. This combination approach allows one to use less of each treatment to obtain fuller results. A physician or PA with an experienced eye can help you turn back the hands of time and reclaim a younger-looking neck.

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