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Wrinkles / Sagging Skin

About Wrinkles / Sagging Skin

We wouldn’t hear so much about the dreaded “turkey neck” if it weren’t so bothersome, right? Wrinkles or sagging neck skin make you feel like it’s the only thing people notice about you, and the neck is often one of the first places sagging and loose skin occur, especially in women. The causes are many- weight loss, smoking, sun damage, genetics, and just plain aging – but the feeling is the same for anyone who suffers from an aged neck.

Dr. Karlsberg and Michele Ayans have been using RF technology (radio frequency) to successfully tighten skin for years with Fraxel and Thermage. Thermage tightens existing collagen and stimulates new collagen growth by heating the skin’s surface, resulting in lifting sagging skin, firming skin, and improving wrinkles. The procedure is safe and requires less than one hour. Patients who want completely non-invasive skin tightening with no downtime should consider Thermage. However, patients looking for long-lasting skin tightening and firming should also consider the next generation RF procedure — THERMItight.

THERMItight uses the same basic principle of heat application. However, with this new technology, Dr. Karlsberg can apply the heat directly within the targeted layer of skin, without affecting the outer layers of the skin, which react to lower temperatures. This technique results in more consistent and dramatic results. The procedure involves use of a cannula which both emits the radio frequency and gauges the temperature under the skin. This constant monitoring of the heat applied makes it a very safe procedure. It is minimally-invasive, and requires little downtime.

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