Can Sagging Jowls Be Prevented?

Can Sagging Jowls Be Prevented?

Many people think of wrinkles when they envision signs of aging. However, other changes can occur as well, such as sagging jowls. While this phenomenon typically cannot be completely prevented, there are steps that can help reduce its development as well as procedures available to help treat it.

At the Ventura Institute for Dermatologic Arts in Ventura and Camarillo, California, Dr. Peter Karlsberg and his physician's assistant Michele Ayans use a combination of art and science to create personalized treatment plans to meet a variety of aesthetic and dermatological needs. Whether you are seeking a reduction in sagging jowls or another service to refresh your appearance, we provide innovative care with a natural-looking result.

Sagging jowls

Jowls refer to skin that sags below the chin or jawline. This occurs due to our skin becoming thinner and less elastic as we age. Some people may escape getting jowls due to their genetics, as well as environmental and lifestyle factors, while others who have skin that is thicker or have more fat or a greater amount of collagen in the affected area may experience more noticeable jowls.


While sagging jowls may not be completely prevented, there are steps you can take to help reduce their severity and potentially delay their development. These include the following:

Healthy habits

Be sure to drink enough water to stay properly hydrated and eat a healthy diet. Regular exercise and not smoking can also help keep your skin in good shape.

Sun avoidance

Using sunscreen that offers UVA and UVB protection and wearing protective clothing when in the sun may aid in reducing the development of significantly sagging jowls.

Skin care

A good care regimen can assist in keeping skin as healthy as possible. This includes using moisturizers and applying creams and lotions with antioxidants that encourage collagen production. Examples of ingredients to look for are retinol, which is a kind of vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

Certain movements and positions

Performing facial exercises that encourage flexibility in the facial muscles may help, as well as sleeping on your back instead of on your stomach or side. Avoid doing things that focus the muscles of the jaw and cheeks downward. This includes frowning, chewing gum, and looking down at the computer for long periods of time.


While prevention strategies may help some, many people will not be able to completely prevent the development of sagging jowls. For these individuals, we have a number of treatment options available including facial fillers, Silhouette InstaLift™, radiofrequency, and more.

If you're seeking to refresh your appearance due to sagging jowls or another aesthetic issue, call us today at 805-214-6903 (Ventura) or 805-221-8789 (Camarillo) to make an appointment and find out how we can help.

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