What do the words “dermatologist tested” actually mean? Do skincare brands send dermatologists random stuff to review for free? Is there a man in a white coat testing samples in a lab somewhere? Do some dermatologists simply check the ingredient list, look for those that are non-toxic, pass the buck to their patients, then give their stamp of approval to pocket the check?

Yes, it’s true. In some cases, the situations listed above can, and sometimes do, happen. But… at Ventura Institute of Dermatologic Arts (VIDA), we understand our patients and your constant pursuit to find healthy skincare treatments and regimens that will help nourish, rejuvenate and strengthen your skin. So, when it comes to the beauty and skincare lines offered at VIDA, Dr. Karlsberg and the rest of our team are truly testing our products and skincare lines – and are actually performing them on ourselves.

We want to see first-hand how the products and skincare lines we sell stack up. That’s why we take on the daunting task of thoroughly testing and evaluating an array of cleansers, eye creams, wrinkle fillers, anti-aging serums, sun screen, lotions and more. We put our products to the test! We want to be sure that VIDA offers safe, healthy options and caters specifically to the sensitive skincare needs our patients.

We thoroughly stand behind the safety and effectiveness of the treatments and products offered through VIDA. However, everyone reacts to active ingredients differently. And just because a member of our team didn’t have a reaction, or you don’t think you have sensitive skin, it doesn’t mean you are immune and won’t possibly have a reaction yourself.

Therefore, we strongly encourage all our patients applying new skin care products to follow directions and perform a patch test of their own. Choose a small discreet patch of skin, such as behind the ear or the inside of your elbow, then wait for 24 hours to keep an eye out for redness, swelling or itching. Many of the ingredients found in professional skincare lines (such as retinol, glycolic acid or hydroquinone) can possibly irritate even the most normal of skin types.

But the next time you see a new retinol cream or anti-aging serum in our office and want to learn more, feel free to ask our staff for more insight. You can’t always take printed labels, claims and buzz words at face value, but we want you to feel like you can trust Dr. Karlsberg and the team at VIDA. And, it’s quite possible you’ll be asking about one of our favorite treatments! We always provide honest opinions, never push products on you for targeted sales or promotions and want to be able to specifically answer your questions. Our primary goal for testing is to help you find the products that work best for you. We know you, and your skin, will thank us for it later!


VIDA Staff

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