What to Expect at Your CoolSculpting Appointment

What to Expect at Your CoolSculpting Appointment

Do you exercise and eat a healthy diet yet are still plagued by one or more spots of stubborn fat that won't budge? If so, CoolSculpting® can help you reach your body goals by banishing those problem areas.

Dr. Peter Karlsberg and Michele Ayans, his physician's assistant, combine science and art in their treatment of everything from skin cancer to cosmetic dermatologic rejuvenation. At the Ventura Institute for Dermatologic Arts in Ventura and Camarillo, California, they use state-of-the-art protocols and personalized treatment plans to help you refresh your appearance in a way that looks natural and meets your goals.


It's no secret you can be at your ideal weight but still have pockets of stubborn fat in certain areas that seem impossible to eliminate. Enter CoolSculpting, the brand name for cryolipolysis, which works by cooling the stubborn fat to a cold enough temperature that it is destroyed. Fat freezes at a higher temperature than skin and other tissues, which means only the targeted area is affected.

How it works

CoolSculpting can be performed on a number of areas of the body including the chin, upper arms, back, abdomen, flank, and thigh. After a consultation and the development of a treatment plan, the procedure is performed using the CoolSculpting device on the location or locations chosen.

The device cools the designated fat cells inside the body while keeping the skin's temperature at a normal level. As the fat cells get colder and colder, they eventually freeze, which destroys them permanently. A quick massage is performed after the treatment to help break up the fat cells and then the body naturally rids itself of them over a period of one to three months.


CoolSculpting offers a number of benefits. It has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for over a decade and is noninvasive and nonsurgical. The treatment itself usually lasts only 30 minutes or less and there is no recovery or downtime involved. People are able to resume their daily activities following the conclusion of the treatment.

Depending on the individual, their situation, and their goals, treatment may involve one session, or in some cases more. Once the fat cells are frozen and eliminated by the body, they are gone for good. This results in fat loss that is permanent as long as exercise and good eating habits are maintained.

If you are at a healthy weight but just can't shake those stubborn fatty areas, call us today at 805-214-6903 (Ventura) or 805-221-8789 (Camarillo) to find out how CoolSculpting can help.

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