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If you have aging, loose, wrinkled, or sagging skin on your neck and you’re ready for a younger appearance, the expert cosmetic dermatology team at Ventura Institute for Dermatologic Arts in Ventura, California, can help. They offer a selection of effective neck rejuvenation procedures to tighten skin and help you look and feel years younger. Schedule an appointment by phone or online to get started today.

Neck Rejuvenation

What is Neck Rejuvenation?

Neck rejuvenation at Ventura Institute for Dermatologic Arts uses the latest advances in aesthetics to diminish lines, wrinkles, discoloration, and loose or sagging skin. Innovative technology can reduce these signs of aging in your neck to give you the tighter, younger-looking appearance you deserve.


What are the benefits of Neck Rejuvenation?

Some of the many benefits associated with neck rejuvenation at Ventura Institute for Dermatologic Arts include:

  • Fewer lines and wrinkles
  • Tighter, firmer, lifted skin
  • Younger-looking skin
  • Less sagging
  • A more defined face and neck
  • Less neck fat
  • Reduced skin discoloration

After undergoing neck rejuvenation, you can feel confident about your appearance and achieve the quality of life you desire.

Is Neck Rejuvenation right for me?

To find out if you’re a good candidate for neck rejuvenation at Ventura Institute for Dermatologic Arts, Dr Karlsberg and Michele Ayans, PA-C, review your medical history, examine your face and neck, and discuss your desired results. They work with you to customize a treatment plan, or combination of treatments, that offers you the best outcome.


What should I expect during Neck Rejuvenation?

After friendly staff members greet you, you rest on a comfortable chair in a relaxing room at Ventura Institute for Dermatologic Arts. Your provider can clean and numb the treatment area to ensure each procedure feels comfortable. They might recommend one of the following:

Botox® and fillers

Your aesthetic specialist gently injects Botox, fillers, or both into strategic areas just beneath the skin to perfect your youthful look. There’s no downtime afterward, so you can resume a normal routine immediately.

Skin tightening

Ventura Institute for Dermatologic Arts offers skin tightening using ThermiTight® or Thermage® radiofrequency technology to reduce sagging skin without cutting, surgery, or downtime.


CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared procedure that freezes and eliminates visible fat bulges under your chin and jawline.

Micro liposuction

Micro liposuction is a type of liposuction that uses tiny incisions and cannulas to get rid of fat under your chin with minimal downtime.


Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable that reduces fat underneath your chin area. Kybella works best for patients with mild to moderate neck fat.

Fraxel® laser

Fraxel laser skin resurfacing uses laser energy to reduce minor skin flaws, improving the appearance of blotchy skin and discoloration caused by years of sun exposure.

If you’re ready for tighter, younger-looking skin on your face and neck, schedule an appointment with Ventura Institute for Dermatologic Arts to find out if neck rejuvenation is right for you. Call the office or book online today.